What is it?

E-waste is any electronic product that has been discarded, and it comes in all sizes – from old computers and mobile phones, to printers and cartridges, to CDs and batteries.

Up to 95% of e-waste can be recycled, and yet Australians dispose of over 100,000 tonnes of computers and televisions alone each year. These products can contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment when not properly recycled.

Blue Box Technology

The BluBox is a Swiss-designed processing technology and the only unit in Australia able to safely recycle display units containing mercury.

The BluBox is designed for next generation e-waste recycling, including flat panel displays, smart phones, tablets and laptops, and can recover up to 95% of e-waste components.

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E-waste is growing three times faster than general waste in Australia. Take the e-waste quiz today.

E-waste recycling checklist

Find out the seven steps for e-waste recycling to help make a sustainable future possible.

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